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Upgrading VIO 30 to 3.1

We have tried once to upgrade from VIO 3.0 to 3.1 but there was an issue.

Upon our first try everything went smoothly until the migrate data stage. After about 20 minutes and halfway through the migrate data fails and the only way to start VIO is to remove the new deployment and continue to use our 3.0 version.

BUT - this may be the cause.

Some time ago we upgraded our NSX to 6.2.44 and I read that this version is NOT compatible with VIO 3.0 however we have been using it this way for about 6 months with zero networking issues. Also because VIO 3.1 will not work with out NSX version ( i assume ) could this be the reason the migrate data fails ?

Also we have the update for NSX 6.3.0 but cannot deploy this as our VIO 3.0 is not compatible so we are in quiet a predicament.

What would you suggest  to do in this case....If we upgrade NSX to version 6.3.0 can we still update to VIO 3.1. We are a little scared of upgrading NSX as if the VIO upgrade fails we will have a broken VIO deployment.

Some help and advice would be great here

Regards Ben McGuire
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