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Screen Resolution changes when I click in and out of VMWare


I have a MBPro on Sierra OS and running VMWare 8.5.3 and running Windows 10. When I click in and out of Windows, the screen resolution changes to a very high resolution. I have to change the resolution back to 1920x1200 every time. I know this a well documented issue with published solutions.

I found this article that provides direction on how to fix it by disabling the Retina display or full screen version. Retina display support in VMware Fusion (2034670) | VMware KB

The problem I have is I don't understand how or where to access the VMWare settings. I am not Mac or VMWare savvy so it would be great if there was some more detail on the directions.

Where are they?

How do I access them? What is the menu Path in the Finder?

btw, very difficult to go thru all the steps to post a question here..so time consuming and counter intuitive. Why do I need to select a Place??

Thanks in advance,

Ather Rizvi

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Retina display is a screen resolution by Apple that uses high density pixel display. Procedure :

1) From the Virtual Machine Library, open a virtual machine.
2) Click Settings > Display .

3) Select Use full resolution for Retina display.

Or refer to Enable Retina Display Support (https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Fusion/8.0/com.vmware.fusion.using.doc/GUID-E142FF07-372C-4952-9AF...)

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