Recovering from Error VIO Deployment

Recovering from Error VIO Deployment

Hello All

This is just a quick tip with experience in troubleshooting VIO deployments.

Sometimes you are forced to have to restart the VIO deployment and sometimes the restart fails and you receive the dreaded ERROR. No matter how many times you restart all the Instances the deployment still goes to ERROR and the only option is to delete the deployment and start again.

But alas there is a solution that worked for me. As most errors occur due to the mysql VM's you can either login to the mysql VM's and do a bunch of commands to get you out of the mud or the easiest way is to wait for the Ceilometer option to appear and when it does just press disable and after you complete this you will be able to shutdown the VIO deployment and restart it again. Once you have a running deployment you can then enable Ceilometer again and VIO will deploy the MongoDB Instaces once again.

It may take a few tries but it works and it saves all the mysql commands.

Just sharing the love of VIO!!!


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