Password + SSH Injection Images

Anyone know where we can get or how to build VMware images that we can use on VIO ?

We know that the normal OpenStack KVM images do not work so even since we have been using VIO we have never used the SSH key or password injection. At the moment we have pre-configured templates and configured for password change on first login but now we are updating to a proper OpenSTack control panel to use with our billing system and want to have linux images that we can use with SSH keys and password injection.

Can someone point us in the right direction or provide guidance on how we can do this. I dont think VMware can use Cloud-Init but I may be wrong. AS this is an integral part or Cloud based images we are certain that there is a solution to this.

Regards Ben McGuire
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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

VIO uses cloud-init with the metadata service just like any other openstack. If you want this on windows there is cloudbase-init.

Introducing the Metadata Service - OpenStack Blog for VMware - VMware Blogs

Is there an article that talks about normal OpenStack KVM images will not work in VMware Openstack? From what I know these formats are converted to vmdk on import. If the guest OS has the needed drivers then the image should deploy and boot. True the formats are unsupported but the images should still work if everything needed is present.

Import Images in Unsupported Formats by Using the CLI

Building from and ESXi platform ensures that the proper drivers and settings will be present. Then import to VIO if in the ESXi host is in the same vCenter or export to OVA and import if the build host is not in the same vCenter.

Import vSphere VMs into VMware Integrated OpenStack

While it is possible to build and or use images from other platforms as long at the drivers are present before converting.

OpenStack Docs: Converting between image formats

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