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Multi Site management for network


We want to expand our VIO deployment to a second site with a additionnal Vsan Cluster (so we have 1 cluster/site).

We use a Edge and Compute cluster collapsed design (Edge appliances share the same cluster than compute).

The sites are configured as tow different availability zone in VIO.

How can i manage to deploy tenant edge into the right cluster ?

I'm afraid that all Edge will continue to be deployed into the original cluster.

We plan to use a specific VLAN for the Meta Data Service. It seem that we need to use a level 2 extended vlan to expose this vlan to all the compute node.

Does this is the only option we have ? (Network guy want ovoid L2 extended vlan at all cost).

I have a lot of difficulty to found article or documentation on the subject (will be happy to help produce some documentation).

Thanks for answer.


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