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vSphere 8 Announcement


We’re pleased to announce the release of vSphere 8, the Enterprise Workload Platform. The new release means we’ll have new, updated vSphere 8 courses coming your way in December. Be sure to mark your calendar. Here are key facts you need to know. 

  • Software bundles link to related heads below 
  • Academic Evaluation Licenses 
  • Course content 
  • Course Labs 

Software bundles 

  • In October VMware will start offering vSphere 8 software through the VMware evaluate portal, including a 30-day evaluation license key. 
  • The vSphere 7 software bundles will still be available for download for a limited time through a dedicated process for IT Academies. 

Academic Evaluation Licenses 

  • We will start offering the vSphere 8 academic evaluation license keys both on Kivuto and Brightspace portals  in the November 2022 timeframe. 
  • On that same day, the vSphere 7 academic evaluation license keys will start their end-of-life track and will be removed upon the next major release of vSphere. 
  • Also on December 1, 2022, the vSphere 6.7 academic evaluation license keys will complete their end-of-life track and will no longer be available. 

Course content 

  • The new vSphere 8 courses will be released commercially in November. 
  • We aim to offer the new vSphere 8 courses in our academic portals (both Kivuto and Brightspace) on the December 1, 2022. 
  • For instructors, we will also offer a “What’s new: vSphere 7 to 8” course in the Train-the-Trainer group on VMware Customer Connect Learning. 
  • From the time we offer the new vSphere 8 courses, the vSphere 7 courses will start their end-of-life track, to be removed 1 year later. 

Course labs 

  • Our academic lab partner NDG aims to offer the new vSphere 8 course labs through the latest version of Netlab+ and through their cloud lab offering in the March timeframe. 
  • NDG will also be able to support existing Netlab+ users with older vSphere software bundles to deploy their older Netlab+ deployments. 

Certification exams 

  • The new PSE exam for the VCP-DCV certification based on vSphere 8 will be available in the January timeframe. 
  • At the same time as the launch of the new exam based on vSphere 8, the current PSE exam for the VCP-DCV certification based on vSphere 7 will start its end-of-life track and will be removed from the IT Academy exam catalogue 1 year later. 

You’ll be seeing more news about key deadlines, FAQs, and even upcoming Train-the-Trainer courses in the coming days. Plus, you can get your questions answered directly during our bi-weekly Discovery Sessions by signing up here: https://www.vmware.com/learn/1258301_SUPPORT.html. Remember, don’t wait—start your migration to vSphere 8. 

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Amazing Josseline great news

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good news 🙂


Thank you so much for the information on the training availability for the upcoming year.  Can't wait.

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