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VMware Employee

Would you like to help us improve the VMware IT Academy program?

Calling on your input to further enhance our Academic Program!

VMware IT Academy is a private-public partnership program aimed at supporting academic institutions and non-profits in their mission of getting students to jobs.

To achieve this the VMware IT Academy offers a broad rage of resources to the IT Academies for them to leverage in their education offerings.

To ensure our resources align to the needs of our partners, we frequently host regional advisory boards where we present our future plans and ask for input & feedback.

As we are about to broaden the scope of academic course content from vSphere to all domains where VMware is active as a leader, we would like to expand the diversity in these advisory boards.

So we are actively looking for:

- IT Teachers from institutions in rural area's/emerging economies

- IT Teachers in software development education tracks

- IT Teachers in cyber security tracks

- IT Teachers in computer networking tracks

- IT Teachers active in high schools

- IT Teachers active in re-skilling initiatives

Typically these advisory boards e-meets once a month for about 1 hour.

So what's in it for you?

- You get to learn first hand about the future plans of the IT Academy

- You get a chance to influence the offerings of the program to better suit your institutions need

- We frequently show our gratitude by sending our advisory board members VMware branded gifts


Please send me a personal message on this platform, or send over your details to itacademy@vmware.com

We look forward to your participation!

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