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VCP voucher or VCP PSE voucher - IT Academy

Hello everyone,

I purchased the ICM 7 course at Stanly College late last year and received the VCTA-PSE voucher. I took the test and got the certification.

Now I have a big doubt, I've already opened tickets in VMware support and I've also tried to talk but no one gives me concrete information.

Which Voucher should I buy to take the VCP test now? Should I buy the regular VCP or the PSE VCP?

I saw that someone else had the same doubt and bought the normal VCP exam, and then had a problem validating the certification.


Another question, should the ICM course taken at the IT Academy be registered in our VMware Learning under My enrollments?
Stanley did not register the course.

Can anybody help me?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

What did Stanly say in response to your questions? (presumably you asked them)

I don't know if they also supply vouchers for the PSE version of the VCP exam with their ICM course, or if you need to take another course with them in order to get a voucher from them.

Courses taken with a VITA do not appear in My Enrollments, only those which are taken directly with VMware or with a commercial VATC partner do.



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