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Leverage Our no-cost Foundational Courses

Learners can begin their journey into the field of information technology with a minimal commitment of time and at no cost.

These concise yet thorough courses require no specialized IT knowledge:

  • Course: Getting Started in IT
    Getting started in information technology introduces the student to key concepts that underlie much of information technology. The course provides a set of overview concepts that create familiar landmarks to help students navigate the world of information technology.
  • Course: Cloud and Virtualization Concepts
    Cloud and virtualization concepts build on the student’s familiarity with everyday computing to introduce topics such as the use and benefits of virtual machines, the flexibility of cloud computing and the basics of vSphere components.
  • Course: Software-Defined Storage Concepts
    Software-Defined Storage concepts introduce students who are comfortable with basic IT concepts to more specialized concepts fundamental to data centers, such as traditional data center storage, software-defined storage and VMware vSAN™.
  • Course: Network Virtualization Concepts
    Network virtualization concepts provides the student with basic network virtualization notions. The course covers major VMware NSX® components in the data, management and control planes. Additionally, it covers their interactions and provides use cases.


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These look great, I've enrolled on the network virtualization course, and will recommend the 'cloud & virtualization' concepts to our whole digital team. Thanks for posting!

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