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How are you able to entice students to take the VMware VCA DBT?

Enrolling students and making followup to ensure they are active is not easy. How do you tell a student is ready for an exam by taking them through the powerpoint modules?

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Great question GKuria!

Here is my take on this:

The first step would be to motivate the students to obtain an industry recognized certification in addition to their degree.

If you search here (https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/) for "system administrator" in your country you can show your students what they could be making if they obtain the VCP certification level.

(The VCP certification helps the students to qualify for that kind of job)

The second step is offering them the means to achieve the certification level (on top of the degree that they are studying for)

With their eyes on the prize, they will be motivated to pursue the certification by following the classes and studying the materials.

If step one was a success, you'll no longer have to entice your students or follow up, as they will be eager to learn to get that awesome job.

The certification path is the following:

1. Our micro courses + the "IT Solutions for digital business" prepares them for the VCA-DBT certification

2. After that they are ready to learn "VMware vSphere - Install Configure and Manage" materials, that will prepare them for the vSphere Foundations certification

3. With the vSphere Foundations achieved, "VMware vSphere - Optimize and Scale" is the course to prep them for the VCP-DCV certification

My advice is that for students with a bachelor or masters degree, the vSphere Foundations might be sufficient to be prime for the job market (depending on the local situation)

For more vocational education tracks m recommendation would be going all the way to VCP-DCV certification level.

We've received input from our valuable advisory boards that assessment tests would be valuable for the students to check their readiness for the exams prior to taking a certification test, so we are planning to add these to the D2L learning and resource portal once the migration from Kivuto to D2L is complete.

Hope this helps to answer your question, but I would like other IT Academies to chime in on this topic and share how they achieve it.


How soon do we get access to the D2L learning and resource portal?