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Get ready for vSphere 8

The end of the year is approaching, and we wanted to highlight some important information you need to be aware of relating to VMware® vSphere® 6.7 and 7.

As you know, VMware recently launched vSphere 8, the Enterprise Workload Platform.

What does this mean for your institution?
It means that the clock has started ticking for previous versions of vSphere.

  • Beginning on December 1, 2022, the vSphere 6.7 academic evaluation license keys will complete their end-of-life track and will no longer be available.
  • Also beginning on December 1, 2022, the vSphere 7 academic evaluation license keys will start their end-of-life track and will be removed upon the next major release of vSphere.
  • The vSphere 7 software bundles will still be available for download for a limited time through a dedicated process for IT Academies.

With the clock winding down, now is a great time to migrate to vSphere 8. You can find the vSphere 8 academic evaluation license keys both on Kivuto and Brightspace portals.

As part of the transition, we are providing updated course content and labs.

  • The new vSphere 8 courses in our academic portals (both Kivuto and Brightspace) are available beginning December 15, 2022.
  • For instructors, we will also offer a “What’s new: vSphere 7 to 8” course in the Train-the-Trainer group on VMware Customer Connect Learning.
  • Our academic lab partner NDG aims to offer the new vSphere 8 course labs through the latest version of NETLAB+ and through their cloud lab offering in the March timeframe.
  • NDG will also be able to support existing NETLAB+ users with older vSphere software bundles to deploy their older NETLAB+ deployments.

We’ll keep you updated with key deadlines and upcoming Train-the-Trainer courses.

Remember, don’t wait—start your migration to vSphere 8.


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The message says vSphere 7 software bundles will be available to IT Academies for a "limited time". That doesn't tell us anything. I plan to use vSphere 7 during the spring semester from January through May 2023. It is a major undertaking to upgrade all the customized labs we use to vSphere 8, and there just isn't enough time to get that done before the Spring semester starts. Please keep vSphere 7 software bundles available through May 2023.  Thanks!

Lets Try vSphere 8 on own Lab environtment