overconsumption CPU ESX

Hello to all,
I'd like to ask you for help because I'm facing a CPU usage problem on my ESXs (Vsphere 6.7)
Currently 7 ESX are running for my farm of 370 Windows 10 VDIs optimized.
The total CPU usage is close to 80% all the time, and adding ESX does not change anything. The VDIs use all the resources they can find.

Do you have any ideas about the source of this overconsumption? 

Cores Total : 200

VMs running each one with 2vCPUs  

Total of VMs running simultaned : 370

I can provide more details if needed

Thanks for your help 

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

This thread belongs either in the vSphere area or the Horizon area (if you're using that for your VDI?)

I've reported it so that moderators are notified that it's in the wrong place.

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Moderator note: Moved thread from Support Hub Member area to VMware Horizon discussions area, if you're not using Horizon then I'm happy to move it to the vSphere area instead.


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