Pools with greater than 20 machines fail to boot

I have an instant clone pool that I currently have set to 25 machines. The first 20 machines boot up just fine, but if I go anything above that, the machines that get created after 20 are not booting up. They get stuck at the Windows boot splash screen, making it nearly impossible to figure out why they are freezing.

I know this is not a resource issue as I am not even using 1/4 of my Horizon's resources.

The machines have 4GB of RAM assigned to them, the ones that are having a hard time booting are giving off alerts of high memory usage.

Has anyone ever seen this before? I find it strange that this would be happening since Horizon is supposed to be able to handle pools of up to 12000 machines. The fact that it is erroring out after just 20 machines is very odd.

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