Horizon agent on physical machine

I installed the agent on a physical machine (ubuntu 18.04.6). I connect from a machine running Windows 10. Everything works fine.
I realize that Horizon agent is not designed for physical linux machines, but still I decided to experiment.
The next step I decided to try to install agent on another machine running the same ubuntu 18.04.6 , but with usb redirection (for redirect USB flash drive, tokens, etc...).
But unfortunately, after installing horizon agent (./ -b -u admin -d domain.local -M no -R -U yes) with USB redirection  driver (by pre-installing vhci follow instruction ) and restarting the PC, my keyboard and mouse don't move on the physical machine. But, when connected from horizon client to ubuntu, everything works correctly.
Summing up the above, I want to ask a question: is it possible to restore the functionality of usb devices on a physical machine (ubuntu 18.04.6), where the horizon agent with usb redirection is installed.
p.s. and the most interesting thing is that the system sees usb devices(using dmesg, lsusb, usb-devices)

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