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Guest Customization Issue

Horizon View agent is stuck at customizing on The Horizon Console.   When I look at the GuestCust.log file I see and error that says "unable to set guest customization status in vmx"

Prior to that I there is a Guest Customization Line that says Completed

So its trying to set the variable to Completed

I tried from a administrative command prompt:

.\vmtoolsd.exe --cmd "info-set guestinfo.gc.notification Complete" from the C:\Program Files\VMWare\VMware Tools directory but it just hangs after it runs

Horizon  8.4.0 Build 19067837

Tools Version 11333

ESXi 6.7 Update 3


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

"unable to set guest customization status in vmx"

That is an unusual error, it likely is related to the vCenter service account or possibly the Instant Clone domain account. 

  1. vCenter Service Account - Did you create a custom vsphere role or give a default role like 'Administrator'?

  2. Instant Clone domain account
    1. Power on the Parent Image
    2. Verify that the same portgroup as the pool is assigned. 
    3. From your computer, create an AD computer object  of the same name as the parent in the assigned OU in the pool.
    4. On the Parent Image, attempt to join to the domain using the Instant Clone domain account. 

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