VMware Fusion 2.0.6 beta for Snow Leopard now available!

VMware Fusion 2.0.6 beta for Snow Leopard now available!

I am pleased to announce that VMware Fusion 2.0.6 beta 1 is now available and resolves multiple problems when running on Snow Leopard hosts. We are making this beta build available now to let users get the most out of VMware Fusion 2 today while we finalize our Snow Leopard testing.

VMware Fusion 2.0.6 beta 1 fixes the following problems:

  • Mouse losing focus on Snow Leopard hosts

  • Driverless printing fails after an upgrade install of Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Snow Leopard Software Update

  • VMware Fusion 2 claims to be unlicensed after upgrading to Snow Leopard

  • Fix corrupt Windows application icons in Unity on Snow Leopard hosts

  • Slow 3D graphics on Macs with NVIDIA graphics cards running Snow Leopard

  • Installation would fail in some cases due to permissions problems

  • Sound would stop playing after virtual machine is resumed

Click here to download the VMware Fusion 2.0.6 beta for Snow Leopard!


First I must say, I'm well impressed with Fusion 2. It enables me to use XPpro for work on my iMac. I VPN tunnel (Juniper) into the corporate network and use a smart card external reader authentication and it all works brilliantly.

That said, I was disappointed after upgrading to Snow Leopard that my mouse was misbehaving in Fusion 2. Seemed I had no control, it was shooting all over the screen.

I've just upgraded to Beta 2.0.6 (and VM tools) and I'm happy again. Even the mac mouse scroll ball is working - scrolling windows up and down.

I totally agree!!! VMWare rocks once again. Thank you, because I couldn't update my work machine until I could use Fusion again.

This beta is a vast improvement over 2.0.5 for SL. I'm currently running MS Project 2007 and MS Visio Pro 2007 from a Unity session and I can get to all of my dual screen connected applications whether OSX or Vista based. Within the VM session windows, you can tell it's emulated because there is a noticeable but not unworkable delay in screen refresh, but otherwise. This is a definite step in the right direction! Thanks! (as stated previously, I went back to one virtual proc instead of two and it's optimized for VM)

Anyone knows if this release fixes the Sony eBook reader library program not responding? That's the only problem I seem to be having with 2.05 and Snow Leopard. Where can we report these issues on this site?

Can someone shed some light on the timeline to 64-bit kernel compatibility?

I use SL Server on the workstation, and it runs on 64-bit kernel exclusively (booting to 32-bit is not an option)

I had to switch to Parall els in order to run my VMs on SL server and am not happy about that...

I'm with Jin here. I am very eagerly awaiting the 64bit Kernel support. I have had to try Parallels in the meantime, and it's just not cutting it.

I'm noticing VMWare Fusion running hot, up to 160 degrees on a MacBook Pro, that's with 2.5. Is there any enhancement for this in 2.6?

Note, the OS is loaded on a Firewire 800 drive, so hard drive heat should not be registering.

Anyway to cool down Fusion?

Does this fix the issue with 64-bit machines such as FreeBSD 64-bit crashing every hour or so with unrecoverable errors. "unrecoverable memory allocation failure" etc.

Does anyone know if this fixes the mouse cursor issue (jumping randomly on secondary monitor) when running in full screen mode on a MAC Book Pro (late 2008)?


I am very pleased with this update. Since I upgraded to SL I have found the speed of Fusion totally unbearable. This update has made a huge difference. I must admit to downloading a trial of Parallels as I was prepared to move away from Fusion but now it looks like I will stay.

Is it just me or does sound not work when streaming an m4v file with the quicktime plugin installed? I've tried it in every browser.

There is still an issue with windows 7 RTM and the printer spooler when NOT running windows in VM...can't print or add printers when booted to Windows fully.

Setup: current gen Macbook Pro 15", snow leopard & W7 64bit RTM.

Had this SAME issue with all OSX 10.5.x & Vista 64bit, and all W7 Releases.

Uninstall VMware tools...and it's fine. Printing is back in full W7 Boot..

I am still seeing the cpu temp run around 158 degrees on 13" unibody macbook. This was also under 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 beta.

@youngjm - I use a little program called smcFanControl to speed up the fan on my macbook pro. I found that even when the CPU was going mental and the machine was obviously running pretty darn hot, that OSX never seemed to push the system fan above a tiny whisper...

After installing smcFanControl you can control the fan speed manually, so when using my XP vmware image for development I push the fan speed up a little. CPU temp after increasing fan speed never goes above 55C, so makes a big diff (used to go up to 75C!

Thank you. I will check it out. I am relatively new to returning to the Mac from XP. My last Mac was the //si.

Thank you again. I loaded it tonight and it does appear to be keeping my temps down.


Take a look at this thread:


LOL! Now we know why VMware was so silent about what it was doing to make Fusion run acceptably on Snow Leopard. I wonder if the original plan was for 3.0 to come out a month ago. Oh well, here's hoping that 3.0 is great.

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