VMWare Fusion V5 - Keyboard Mappings NO LONGER Repeat Keystrokes

VMWare Fusion V5 - Keyboard Mappings NO LONGER Repeat Keystrokes

UPDATE as of 2012-11-12:

PROBLEM FIXED with VMWare Fusion V5.0.2.


ORIGINAL PROBLEM Description - NOW FIXED in V5.0.2:

In VMWare Fusion V4.x and before, keyboard shortcuts, when held down, would repeat the keystrokes.  In VMWare Fusion V5.x Keyboard Shortcuts NO LONGER Repeat!  For example, I used to map [Alt]+[DnArrow] == [PgDn] because that was an easier key-combo than [Fn]+[DnArrow] to achieve paging down a document... and when I held those two keys down it would repeatedly page down until I released those keys.

Well, now in VMWare V5.x, when I map multi-key keyboard shortcuts in VMWare Fusion > Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Key Mappings....   The keyboard shortcuts, when used in a Windows Guest, DO NOT repeat the keystroke when I hold down the keys!

This used to work in VMWare V4.x and before.  Now in VMWare Fusion V5.x multi-key keyboard shortcuts DO NOT REPEAT multi-key shortcuts when the keys are held down.


1) Keyboard Mapping for VMWare fusion of [Ctrl]+[D] = Forward Delete

2) When used in a Windows Guest this will delete

3) If I held down [Ctrl]+[D] for several seconds in VMWare V4.x, it would repeatedly delete multiple characters in a document.

4) In VMWare V5.x it DOES NOT

This was a VERY USEFUL use case for keyboard mappings.  I used it a lot for all sorts of things, including: Ctrl+D for Delete, Opt+[J,K,L,I] for keyboard cursor key navigation, [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[ArrowUp-Dn] for PgUp-Dn, etc.

is TRULY UNFORTUNATE that in VMWare Fusion V5 multiple-key-combinations in Keyboard Mappings do not result in REPEATING Keystrokes when held down in a Windows Guest.

This seems like an oversight as opposed to "working as designed".

It would be very useful to have the OLD BEHAVIOR BACK at some time in the near future.

If anyone has noticed this behavior and/or agrees with me, can you please reply to this thread/post?

   >>> http://communities.vmware.com/message/2126390

Thank you.

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