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vmware fusion player home 11.5.7 license vs 12.x

I downloaded Fusion 11.5.7 and requested a free license for my home use. I got a license for 12.x, which 11.x is not accepting. 

I have macOS 10.14.6, so I can not use 12.x

I tried searching the knowledge base and community, and still feel lost 

How do I get a free home license for vmware fusion 11.5.7 ?

- thanks for the support


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


You can’t. The concept of a Player version being free for non-commercial use is brand new to version 12. There was no such concept for version 11 or earlier.

If you must use version 11, you will need to buy a Pro license (which will be for version 12) and downgrade it to give you a license key that works with version 11.


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