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"our driver" for Windows XP

I installed VMWare Fusion 2 on my MacBook and then installed Windows XP. I received this screen message:

"Your guest OS is Windows XP and you have one or more virtual SCSI devices installed in your virtual machine. Please be aware that Windows XP does not support the BusLogic SCSI adapter that VMware Fusion currently uses for its virtual SCSI devices. . . . You will need to install our driver in the virtual machine. You can download the driver from our Web site at vmware.com/info?id=43.

At that web page, it isn't at all clear which of the many options listed I should download. Can anyone tell me what it is I need?



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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Kindly, download the SCSI drivers from http://vmware.com/download/fusion/drivers_tools.html. The SCSI driver is listed at the bottom of the webpage.

1) Unzip the downloaded file.
2) Shutdown the Windows VM.
3) Open "Virtual Machine Library" and select the Windows VM and click "Settings" button.
4) Click "Other Devices".
5) Click the "+" button on the lower left corner.
6) Click "Add Floppy..." option.
7) Drop sheet will appear. Navigate and locate the floppy image file "vmscsi-" and click "Open".
8) Uncheck the "Connected" option and close the "Settings" window.
9) Launch the Windows VM.
10) Once Windows boots to the desktop, click the Floppy icon located at the bottom right corner of the VM window and click "Connect Floppy".
11) Right-click "My Computer" and click "Properties" on the popup menu.
12) Click the "Hardware" tab.
13) Click "Device Manager".
14) Click "+" next to "SCSI and RAID controllers".
15) Select the SCSI Controller and right-click it.
16) Click "Update Driver" from the popup menu. The hardware update wizard would start.
17) Select "No, not this time" and click "Next".
18) Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" option and click "Next".
19) Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install" option and click "Next".
20) Click "Have Disk" and then click "Browse".
21) Browse to the Floppy drive.
22) Select "vmscsi.inf".
23) Click "Open" and then click "OK".
24) Select "VMware SCSI Controller" and click "Next".
25) A message appears, informing you that the driver is unsigned. Click "Continue Anyway".
26) Click "Finish", and then close "Device Manager".
27) Restart the Windows Virtual Machine and check.
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First before doing anything check in Device Manage in Windows and if there are no flagged SCSI Devices then you need to do nothing other then to check the do not show again check box on the message next time is comes up.

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