macOS, BigSur, VMware Fusion 12.2, disable/enable SIP - which is the long-term VMware strategy

I've tried many options, some pointed out by others, a few my own concepts - all fail

  • bcgf - doesn't exist in VMware's EFI variant
  • Command-R - which, the comedy of trying to time pressing - when it doesn't work by design had me laughing
  • macosguest.forceRecoveryModeInstall = “FALSE” in the kms file, - which at least one get informed on the next boot it doesn't work
  • macOS "nvram recover-boot-mode" which also quickly reports an error, likely cause the UEFI interface is broken
  • enter EFI, select Recovery, and try to patiently find "boot.efi" without other files - which yep, one can't

I haven't yet tried the boot-to-iso/create-a-boot option, yet assuming that works, I have the big question of - why....I am wondering why make Fusion so difficult to deal with in attempting to enter the recovery portion.  Yet, more interested - given the years of others falling into this chasm - which flow will be VMware's strategy to continuously support.  Any ideas?

Once one is able to get to the Recover-boot the capability to follow the "csrutil"-"kext" instructions is enable.  So....

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