⌘ key still invoking windows Key bug fix?

There have been other threads about this since 2008 and it still seems to be a bug.

when I ⌘-tab away from a vm to a an osx app it brings up the start menu in the vm because vmware/windows sees the window keys being pressed.

I have went to key mapping in vmware fusion and have changed the windows key to map to Control-W to try to try to remove the ⌘ when i ⌘-tab from invoking the windows key in the VM. I have also disabled key mappings together, as well as delete all refrences to the windows key.

However in a windows VM the ⌘ key still brings up the start menu.

I do not nor can i use the registry key to disable the windows key in windows. I would like to have this just work its the way it is suppose to.

Is there a fix yet?

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