isight, Windows and Fusion

HELP!... I am posting this as a last resort... I have searcced the forum here and the wider internet for a solution to this proble...

I am using an iMac wit the latest beta VM Fusion a registered copy of XP Pro SP2.

I have installed XP into a VM and all is well

I have installed the VMWare tools still no problem (its very good, quite quicker than its famous competitor!)

Everything works like a dream... Except.... isight!!!

I have copied the windows drivers from boot camp and dragged then to the XP VM and they have installed without any problems

When I connect the isight I get a drop down box telling me that I need to insatll the drivers from boot camp.... "I've just done it!!!!" So I do it again. I have even tried to run the isight installer in the Apple folder of the drivers but nothing happens if you doube click it...

Please help. I think I have done everything I'm supposed to. What have I missed

PS it ALL works on that 'other' VM software!

Regards to you all


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Ok, lemme see if i can remember how I got my iSight to work in VMware Fusion. I'm also using XP Pro SP2.

Step 1: Go into the control panel

Step 2: Click on "Add Hardware"

Step 3: Click the "Next" button

Step 4: Click on "Yes I have already connected my hardware" button & click "next"

but beyond that, I'm not exactly sure how I got my iSight to work in VMware. Try opening the iSight driver installer before this and hopefully it'll install the driver. When the driver is set up properly, it'll show up as "Apple Built-in iSight" under "Scanners and Cameras" when viewing the "My Compuuter" folder. Sorry that I can be more helpfull than that

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Hi Dejones, I finally work this out! Here is how to:

On the menu bar, click Virtural Machine, then chose settings.

Under USB section, select Apple Buitl-in iSight, and Check Connected!

If you have the Bootcamp Windows driver installed, the Camera will then install itself.



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