iMac 27inch 5120x2880

Please help my vmWare is up to date

I have windows 10 now but i am unable to use my full screen 5K

I understand if 5K is not supportive but what is the largest screen resolution i can have

Its set at 1600 and only cover 2/3 of the screen

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I get full Windows resolution up to 5120x2880. Here are my settings:

iMac Display Resolution is set to: Default for display

Fusion Compatibility Setting: Use Hardware Version: 14

Fusion Display settings are:

- Accelerate 3D Graphics: ON, with 2048 MB Shared graphics memory

- Use full resolution for Retina display:

   - Scaled high resolution: All View Modes

   - Automatically adjust user interface in VM: ON

- VM Resolution:

   - Single Window: Use Fusion Display Prefs

   - Full Scree: Use Fusion Display Prefs

- I don't use Unity mode, so I don't know what the resolution is for it

In Windows 10:

- in Display settings:

   - Fusion seems to turn Custom Scaling ON by default

   - turn Custom Scaling OFF, you will be asked to log off/on

   - Fusion resets Custom Scaling back to ON and sets mine to 450%

- with scale & layout changes at 450% I can easily read the text

- in full screen mode, resolution changes to: 5120x2880

Hope it works for you. Mine looks very sharp.


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