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how to troubleshoot when USB devise will not be recognized?


This has been tested on Fusion 3 and Fusion 4.

I use some specialized software and hardware for troubleshooting Volvo cars. If I install the software and hardware via bootcamp it works fine. So I know it's not an issue with the hardward and the Macbook Pro I'm using it on.

When I install Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit within Fusion 4 (or 3) everything is great, the Volvo software installs fine too. I connect the Volvo USB Hardware, the system does a driver install after selecting the hardware to be used with the guest system but then the hardware never connects. The hardware is unchecked under the CONNECT USB DEVICE area and when I try to check it...it unchecks itself instantly.

Is there any troubleshooting or solution on the Fusion side to figure this out as I'd rather have my need running in Fusion then Bootcamp. This has been tested several times with varying freshinstalls of Win7.

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