how to disable SIP (system integrity protection) in vmware fusion 12 for macOS big sur?

Is there a tutorial on how SIP can be deactivated for a big sur vm in vmware fusion 12?

Seems holding the Command+R key during boot should work, but it does not for me.

Another solution is described in this blog entry, which uses alt to get into the vmware fusion boot menu:

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I thought that would be going the long route..

A short, simpler way, would be to do it via Virtual Machine Menu..

"Power on to firmware" (You get to Boot manager)

Select "Enter Setup"

Select "Boot from a file"

Look for [Recovery HD] (mine is the 4th down)

Click though and select  "boot.efi"

To me, its the best way.... You don't need  the delay, or time it at all. Despite the name, you don't need to turn off a VM either.. Do this process as you see fit.

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