fusion 12 crashes on mac 10.12


had server with macos 10.10 and fusion version 7.  It started crashing giving CPU errors.

now on another server (same model, but upgraded to 10.12 mac OS).

server is mac pro, late 2013 model.  64GB of ram, 1tb SSD disk.

was working for about an hour, then hard crash.

what version of mac OS is best to use for fusion version 12?

Should I attempt to diagnose the mac OS 10.10 and why that fusion crashes?  It is end-of-life...

Thank you

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The Mac Pro 2013 is supported by Apple to run macOS versions up to and including Monterey (12.x).

Fusion 12.0 through 12.1.2 runs on Catalina (10.15) and Big Sur (11.x).  Fusion 12.2.0 and later runs on Monterey (12.x) and Big Sur (11.x), Fusion versions are supported on all Mac hardware that Apple supports for those operating systems. 

If you want the latest supported versions of all software, upgrade to Monterey, and then install Fusion 12.2.3. However if you have 32-bit software you may not be able to upgrade to current macOS. 

If you don't want to upgrade (or can't upgrade for software compatibility reasons) macOS beyond Sierra 10.12, Fusion 11.1.1 is the last version that will run on that macOS.

Also factor that versions of macOS older than Catalina (10.15) no longer get any updates from Apple, and versions of Fusion before 12.0 are no longer supported by VMware. Both of which may limit what can be done by those respective vendors should you find an issue.

One other thought: you mention a "Hard crash" after about an hour. While it's not clear whether the VM that's crashing or macOS, it does remind me of situation noted here if the Mac goes to sleep while a VM is running. This can result in hangs/crashes. The workaround is to configure your Mac not to sleep, or conversely, shut down a VM when you're not using it and before the Mac goes to sleep.

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