Windows 7 Hangs on Reboot After Updates Every Time

Hi, everyone.

I have Fusion 6 running on a brand new IMac. The IMac is Mavericks OS X 10.9.1 - the latest.

Windows 7 runs as a virtual.

I have Windows 7 joined to my domain and set to install updates every night at 3:00 a.m. and to then reboot.

I have two problems which may or may not be related.

1. When Windows 7 reboots after an update(s) it hangs each and every time. It will hang with "Configuring Updates - Do not turn off  your computer" or at some other point in the update process. To resolve this I have to force a shut down of this virtual and restart it at which point it resumes where it left off "Configuring Updates" . . . and the updates complete successfully. Obviously I can't continue to babysit this computer after each and every update release.

2. The IMac screen reverts to the IMac login screen at some point during the night. I have the display screen off set to NEVER. I have the user set to automatically login. He does automatically login on an IMac reboot so that seems to work fine. Could VMWare somehow someway be triggering the IMac to display the IMac login screen?

Thanks for any help.

Mike Gallery

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