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Win10 task bar disappears after screen saver activates with high-res external monitor in Unity

Professional Version 8.1.1 (3771013)

OS-X 10.11.5 (MBP-Retina, 15inch, late 2013, 16GB memory)

Windows 10-x64 Pro build 1511 (6GB memory)

I am currently running Win10 in unity mode on both my internal display and external monitor.  Shared graphics memory is 256GB with "Use full resolution for Retina display" option turned off.  I recently upgraded from a 1080p external monitor to a 4k monitor (Samsung U28E590) running at 2560x1440 resolution.  Ever since upgrading, as soon as my Mac screen saver kits in, after unlocking the display, the Windows 10 start menu/task bar/tray disappears (I currently have it placed vertically across the right-hand side of the 4K display (which is to the right of the internal display).  I can toggle the "Hide Taskbar in Unity" menu off and on again to get it to re-appear but this is very annoying.  Anyone see anything like this before or have any suggestions for fixing?

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