VMware fusion version 12.1.0 wss could not get the custom port number

Running VMware Fusion version 12.1.0 in  Mac OS X 10.15.7 (Catalina) connecting to the remote server ESXi 6.7 update 3 over a customer port 999.

The VMware Fusion can connect to the remote server over port 999 successfully and the list of all virtual machines can also be displayed properly. However it could not connect to any specific virtual machine with error "Connection time out". Upon checking the mks log, it appears somehow the VMware fusion is using wss connecting to the remote virtual machine, but it missed the custom port 999 and tried connecting to port 443 instead.

Here are the snippet of logs:


2021-01-21T18:05:36.840+11:00| main| I005: DICT pref.hostDialogMRU.count = "1"
2021-01-21T18:05:36.840+11:00| main| I005: DICT pref.hostDialogMRU0.name = ""
2021-01-21T18:05:36.840+11:00| main| I005: DICT pref.hostDialogMRU0.type = "vim"
2021-01-21T18:05:36.840+11:00| main| I005: DICT pref.hostDialogMRU0.viewtype = "vmView"
2021-01-21T18:05:36.840+11:00| main| I005: DICT pref.gamingMouseMode = "absoluteMouse"


2021-01-21T18:05:37.051+11:00| mks| I005: MKS-RenderMain: MinimalCaps: maxTextureSize=16384
2021-01-21T18:05:37.051+11:00| mks| I005: SOCKET creating new socket listening on /tmp/vmware-taoya/mksctrl/mksctrl-0000002265-000-feb85bb6
2021-01-21T18:05:37.052+11:00| mks| I005: SOCKET 1 (18) creating new listening socket on port -1
2021-01-21T18:05:37.052+11:00| mks| I005: KHBKL: Unable to parse keystring at: ''
2021-01-21T18:05:37.052+11:00| main| I005: MKSRoleMain: PowerOn finished.
2021-01-21T18:05:37.052+11:00| main| I005: REMOTEMKS: Powering on VNC Client
2021-01-21T18:05:37.052+11:00| main| I005: MVNCClient: Powering on MVNCClient
2021-01-21T18:05:37.052+11:00| main| I005: MVNCClientAudio: Powering on MVNCClientAudio
2021-01-21T18:05:37.075+11:00| main| I005: REMOTEMKS: expected thumbprint for remote display: 78:0B:5C:63:A2:F3:81:76:1E:8A:E1:EF:A4:C7:D8:87:A0:7C:0E:D2
2021-01-21T18:05:37.075+11:00| main| I005: SOCKET connect to wss://
2021-01-21T18:05:37.075+11:00| main| I005: SOCKET creating new IPv4 socket, connecting to (
2021-01-21T18:05:37.078+11:00| mks| I005: MKSControlMgr: connected
2021-01-21T18:05:37.097+11:00| main| I005: MKSMacos: Starting CFRunLoop...
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| mks| W003: MVNCClient: received socket error 6: Connection error
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| mks| I005: MVNCClient: Setting vncClient.mksConnectionError, previous error is 0, new error is 1
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| mks| I005: MVNCClient: Destroying VNC Client socket.
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| mks| I005: MKSRoleMain: Disconnected from server.
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| mks| I005: MKS-RoleRemote: Disconnected from server with error code 1.
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| main| I005: REMOTEMKS: Powering off VNC Client
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| main| I005: MVNCClient: VNC Client socket already destroyed.
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| main| I005: MKSRoleMain: Powering off.
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| main| I005: MKSRoleMain: Powering off MKS
2021-01-21T18:06:52.339+11:00| main| I005: MKS/SVGA threads are stopped
2021-01-21T18:06:52.340+11:00| mks| I005: MKSControlMgr: disconnected

Is this a known issue or a new "bug"?

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