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Hello all,

I can locate a whole host of threads asking how one would remove the VMWare Fusion 8 menu button (I believe it was officially called the "Applications Menu") from the (top right corner) of their mac top bar. However, after updating to Fusion 10, that button is no longer there. I may be one of the few who actually like that functionality, but advice for readding that button would be much appreciated.

For reference, enabling and disabling said button in Fusion 8.5 went as follows:

VMware Fusion (menu in top-left) > Preferences... > General, then next to Applications Menu choose "Never".

^I want to accomplish the opposite of this. And yes, I have checked that preferences pane, and the Applications Menu option no longer exists there.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Ouch, right in my feels!

Heck, I even worked for Apple before coming to VMware...

ANYWAY... WRT this issue, I think you guys are going to be happy with what we're cooking up this year.

- Michael Roy - Product Line Manager: Fusion & Workstation
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