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VMWare Fusion 4.XX and OSX Lion Nightmare driving me Crazy !


I'm a very long time Fusion user and I have to say that I'm very disappointed since
I've updated to Fusion V4.XX running on OSX Lion 10.7.2

My original setup was running smoothly with fusion 3.1.3 and Snow Leopard
then I've upgraded to OSX Lion and then upgrade to fusion 4.0,4.01 and 4.02 and 4.1.
Note that I've upgraded from V3 to V4 using the vmware upgrade from V3.XX to 4 option of the Fusion 4.0 dmg.

Since then I have a really strange behaviour when I need to resume/start or restart paused machines...

I'll try to explain/describe the problem as much as I can.

First my Mac is a macbook pro 13" with 8GB ram (4GB at full load used), an internal SSD of 256Gb (60GB free),
and the VMs are stored either on the SSD  and some are on an external firewire hard disk (300GB Free).

After a fresh start or a reboot of my Macbook, if I launch fusion and want to resume any of the
nearly 9 resumed machines I have (all of them under WinXP Pro), the resume works great until I quit Fusion.

Now I quit fusion .... and then I restart fusion later (without rebooting the mac) ...
and THERE is the problem, it is not possible to resume any machine,

I have to reboot the Mac to make that work again !

I've spent so much time trying to fix this, reinstalling, uninstalling V4.xx that I'm really pxxxxx off.
I followed all the vmware forum explanations about manually uninstalling VMWare 4.XX,
rebooted and reinstalling from scratch the V4.0...
I've also completely removed any part of VMware several times and reinstalled again V3.XX and
reupdated to V4.01 V4.02 V4.1 ... but the problem remains and is very annoying.

Reading all the threads that were talking about the problem I have it appears than rebooting fixes the problem
(until you run fusion after a fresh mac reboot, then quit fusion again and the problem occurs again and again),
THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE solution, guys we are not running Fusion on a windows bug crippled operating

system, we are running it on Mac, and prior versions 3.XX did not have this behaviour...

Either there is a bug in Vmware Fusion installer related restarting some vmware deamons/services after quitting vmware
or relaunching it but I have spent so much time that I'm about to migrate all that to VirtualBox

even if I loose some great features from VMWare I love.

The message I have for any VM I want to resume any VM is :

First Message : The virtual machine cannot allocate memory and routes to http//vmware.com/info.id=19 which
is useless as the problem is not related to not enough memory...

Then I click retry and I have this second message :
Failure to allocate shared memory...

VMware guys, I would like to have a diagnostic tool or a "repair/check VMWare installation" to fix this kind of problem.
Also why don't you provide a real uninstaller with VMWare 4.XX is that too difficult to put a remove script ?

Come on guys we are soon in 2012 and you don't provide an uninstaller for your product ?
Check the competition, even VirtualBox gives a shell to uninstall their product.

Any help will be greatly appreciated if you have encountered this problem and succeeding in fixing it,

otherwise I'll check other alternatives as virtualization solution.

Best Regards

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