VM Sharing & Password Protection Solution


I work for a small business that does technical support for machines.  We have a master Virtual Machine that we have installed the required software on, and then we copy the master VM to a technician's PC so that they are prepared to use it for technical support.  This makes it easier for us to manage the licensing and updates by only having to worry about the license management and updates for the base image, and then distributing the VM; rather than keep tabs on each technician's software updates and licenses. 

The VM is password protected, and that's how we make sure the technician isn't copying the virtual machine onto their personal computer and stealing the image.  But when it comes time to send out the updated virtual machine to all the technicians, or if the technician has issues with their VM and needs to replace it, management isn't always available to provide the password.

So, my question is this: rather than password protection, is it possible to configure the virtual machine to work on certain PCs?  Or does anyone have any creative solutions for how I can share the virtual machine without worrying about theft?


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