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VM Shared Folder Not Visible -- VMWare Tools Installed


I've looked at lots of support articles and documentation to get VMWare Tools up and running and the Shared Folder made available and I believe I have done all the steps correctly - however the VM Shared Folder is nowhere to be found.

I followed the steps on this article to install: VMware Workstation Documentation Center

I followed the steps on this article to verify the service is running: Restart VMware Tools service in all LINUX platform.

However, when I go to Settings --> Sharing, I see the alert "Shared folders will not be available in the virtual machine until VMWare Tools is installed and running.

What can I do?

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Hi bpna,

Welcome at the VMware Communities forum.

To be frank the VMware Sharing Folders feature on Linux is a bit of a pain to get working at times.

It depends on the linux version / kernel that you are using as VMware Tools is tightly integrated with that.

The general recommendation you see is to use the VMware Tools that is included with your Linux distribution.

Well that might be so, but in my experience you'll be having problems.. like the VMware File Shares not working.

So instead of that my recommendation is to completely remove/purge the VMware Tools that comes with your linux distribution.

For more details, please see the following thread:

VMWare Tools in Debian Jessie



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