VDI Pool Advanced settings giving error messge

VDI Pools giving this error when try to edit settings and to to Advanced tab:

Logs shows below entry but not much clue. Is it authentication problem?

2018-03-28T09:32:26.920-04:00 ERROR (08BC-23E4) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-512> [Connection4] Failed to retrieve properties from the vCenter Server after 1 attempts.

2018-03-28T09:32:26.944-04:00 ERROR (08BC-23E4) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-512> [FlexFaultHandler] Cannot connect to the vCenter Server vdivcenter.com because of a network connection error.

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Just based off that it looks like the connection server can't communicate with the vcenter? Try reentering the vcenter credentials in the servers section and see if it saves. You may need to restart the connection servers.