Upgrade to 1.1.1

I'm a registered user of version 1.1.

I'm a little hesitant upgrading to the latest version 1.1.1 reviewing the multiple post on the forum describing some problems.

All is working well right now and I have been very, very pleased with Fusion so far.

Who can take my concerns away......

(note: I'm not that technical inclined and still fairly new to Mac).

If I do decide to install the new version, will all current connections and set ups still be there or do I have to go through that again? I guess I'm wondering if the upgrade is as seamless as a software upgrade from Apple: just download and be done....

Also, any tips on backing up what I have now?

I suppose I can copy the entire VM to a safe place. If the new install fails, will simply placing the old file (VM) back in the same spot where it used to be do the trick?

Many thanks,


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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Smiley Happy

By "connections" I assume you mean your virtual network settings - they're part of the VM and won't be touched.

If you do decide to take the plunge to 1.1.1, here's what I'd do:

Back up your entire system. I use SuperDuper to clone my hard drive to another disk such as an external USB or FireWire drive - makes it really easy to reboot on the clone and then put your hard drive back exactly the way it was before you started. It's a safety net that you can use as a last resort should all other attempts to get things working fail. This will also back up your VMs should they be on your hard drive.

Record your permanent license key. Just in case.

You also should have a back-out strategy. Mine was:

Uninstall 1.1.1 using the uninstallation script. Reboot. Remove the /LibraryApplication Support/VMware Fusion directory. Re-install 1.1 (and re-install the license key if needed).

If all else failed to get Fusion to work again, boot the system off the cloned copy, and clone it back onto the hard drive.

I guess I was lucky in my upgrade from 1.1 to 1.1.1. I uninstalled the old version of Fusion using the provided uninstaller script, rebooted, and then installed 1.1.1. My license key was found, so I didn't have to re-enter it. Everything else worked fine.