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Update Graphics Driver


Fusion 4.1.1

XP Pro

Internet Explorer 8

Levelone FCS-0030 (IP CCTV)

Whenever I log into my CCTV page IE gives me this message "Please Install graphics Driver and DirectX 9 or above!"

After finding DirectX 9 and installing it (dxdiag in the run box verifies this), I continue to receive the above message.

I right click the desktop and choose properties, settings, advanced, adapter, properties, driver, this tells me that I am using VMware SVGA II (I have no idea if this is the latest, but I guess it must be as I am using vmware fusion 4.1.1) I can choose update the driver but then it asks me for a location and I have no idea where to find a driver or indeed what I am looking for.

Oddly when I first got the CCTV it worked perfectly, then I updated the firmware (via the levelone website) to enable email notifications and then the trouble began.

What is odd is that when I click OK on the "please install etc. etc.", a second window opens (it is called activemovie window) and displays the cctv image, so I am completely confused.

So given the graphic driver is the problem as DirectX 9.0 is installed and working, where do I get a graphic driver for fusion 4.1.1?

I haver requested levelone tech support but there has been no response. So if any of you know how to update a driver and which driver I need to update to I would be grateful.

I know it is a long shot asking here but it is asking for a graphics driver and Fusion is the emulator.

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where do I get a graphic driver for fusion 4.1.1?

Have you installed the latest VMware Tools in the Windows Guest OS?  If yes, then you have the latest drivers available to the general public.

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