Ubuntu 7.10 (and other) mouse/display: Problem and solution

I think I've figured out the mouse and display problems that are being

experienced with Ubuntu 7.10 and maybe other Linux distributions.

It's basically an Xorg version problem stemming from lots of sources.

One source is that Xorg has apparently changed their version numbering

scheme. If you run the command "Xorg -version" in Ubuntu 7.04, you get:

X Window System Version 7.2.0

Release Date: 22 January 2007

X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 7.2

But in Ubuntu 7.10, you get:

X Window System Version 1.3.0

Release Date: 19 April 2007

X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 1.3

This change is confusing in VMware Tools.

Moreover, the code in that makes all Xorg

versions above 7.0 equivalent is not consistent.

Here's how to fix it. The line numbers refer to those in

that comes with Fusion 1.1 RC (build 61385).

After you've installed VMware Tools, as root you have to "chmod u+w" the

file "/usr/bin/" so you can edit it. Make the following changes.

Line 4961:


$major = $1;


$major = $1 eq 1 ? 7 : $1;

Line 5130:


} elsif ($major == 7 && ($minor >= 0 && $minor <= 2) &&


} elsif ($major == 7 &&

Line 5135:


if ($minor eq 2) {


if ($minor ge 2) {

Save the new version, then run it (/usr/bin/ Then restart X or reboot.

I hope the final release of Fusion 1.1 addresses these issues.

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Well, my working openSUSE 10.3 install was short lived. For whatever reason it is back to the not allowing x to start up properly. I removed VMwareTools and restarted in failsafe mode. I run '/usr/sbin/sax2 -r' and then 'startx' after it is finished. This gives me the ability to login to my desktop just fine (still haven't installed VMwareTools. The next step is to reboot in normal mode. However, when I do this x doesn't start again. This is ridiculous. I can make a recording of this if anyone is interested in seeing it in action.

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sprotsman, can you please put your contributions regarding display

server problems in the thread linked to below?

This thread here is about the "jittery" mouse and

Xorg versioning problem, which is fixed by the patch

I started the thread with.

It's confusing if two different problems are discussed in one thread.


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