Typo restoring with configured Serial Port

Here's the dialog message:

Serial port file "/tmp/serialport" already exists.[/b]

Do you want toreplace it with newly created content, or append new content tothe end of the file?[/pre]

The words "to replace" and "to the" are jammed together or alliterated.

Q: Am I supposed to see an icon for the serial port in the parade of devices at the top of the window? Is it's connected stated able to be toggled?

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Since Macs do not have physical serial or parallel ports, we figured power users like yourself would be fine with configuring them via the .vmx file, and shutting down the VM to remove them.

I don't think we should add UI menu entries or buttons for this, since it would confuse the novice Mac user, who has no idea what serial or parallel ports are.

Thanks for reporting the typo, though! Sounds easy enough to fix.