The number of cores and threads in the CPU is wrong.


This may be a very rudimentary question,
but please tell me something I don't understand.

My system configuration.
macOS X Monterey12.0.1
MacBook Pro (13inch, 2020, Thunderbolt 3x4)
VMware Fusion12.2.1
Windows10 Home21H2
Intel Corei5 1038NG7 CPU 2.00GHz 1997Mhz 4core 8thread

I have set the number of cores to 4 in VMware tools.
The .vmx file also shows "numvcpus = "4".
However, when I check the Windows system information, this CPU is recognized as 1Core1Thread.
That's why I can't update to Windows 11.
How can I solve this problem?
Why does Windows recognize it as 1 core even though I have it set to 4 CPU cores in vmware?

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As your guest OS is Windows Home edition it can only support 1 virtual socket, you can add the line to the vmx configuration file


This should make the VM OS have 1 virtual socket with 4 virtual cores.

1 virtual socket x 4 virtual cores = 4 virtual CPUs


Thanks for the quick reply!

I promptly tried your method.

I check my Windows system information,
this CPU is changed as 4Core4Thread!

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Just a note, thats a 4 core machine (threads don't count).  You risk starving the host if you allocate more than 3 cores to the guest. 

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