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Setting default browser to IE 6 in XP

I have a client with multiple installs of Fusion 2.0.4. They all have this for Outlook usage. Most users are happy to open links in Safari, but one user needs to open them in Windows IE 6. When I try to set this in Fusion Preferences I have two problems. First when I click the pop-up to select a program to open web pages, I see my Mac apps, plus 3 different choices of Internet Explorer Windows XP Professional. So a why is this? and which do I select? OK, so I have tried them all and have the same result. When the user receives an email with a link, they click the link and the Start bar blinks, but IE doesn't open. So no good.

First question, does anyone have a fix for this.

Second question, why is Outlook so lame, these are embedded links, but if you right click, you can't choose basic things like, copy link, or open link in .... How annoying.

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