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Selecting "Stand by" in Win XP Pro SP3 VM causes Fusion to Suspend my VM?!

This behavior is different than Fusion 1.1.2. In Fusion 1.1.2, when I selected "Stand by" the VM would actually go into Stand by mode, to be awakened later by clicking in the VM's empty black window.

Now, when I select "Stand by", the VM starts to go into Stand by mode but then gets pre-empted by Fusion's Suspend feature. Generally speaking, I wouldn't care, but since I'm running my Boot Camp partition with Fusion, there is apparent grave danger in suspending a Boot Camp VM.

Anybody else use "Stand by" for a VM? I do it at times so Fusion will use virtually no CPU in the background, without having to shut down the VM entirely.

Again, my concern is that Suspending a Boot Camp VM is a no-no.


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