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Problems with Unity : can't get window to the forefront

Hi everyone,

Searching for the best virtualization tool, I of course tried VMWare Fusion and it seems to fit my needs better than it's 2 competitors.

But I am facing one problem with Unity.

First of all :

- Host is MacOsX 10.10.2 Yosemite on a MacPro 2 X 2.93Ghz, 40GB or RAM and Radeon HD 5870 and some storage in it (10TB HDD + 1.5TB SSD).

- Guest is Linux Mint with the Mate Desktop (don't like Cinnamon and I find KDE so non ergonomic !) which is in fact nothing more than Ubuntu with a desktop that suits my needs and tastes better...

I really like the ability to use "Unity" (where the competitor's function doesn't allow it) because I think it's an elegant way to circumvent Dual-Booting 🙂

But I face one problem when I am under Unity...

It works... not a problem. But of course, a window opened from the guest OS can be partially hidden by a Host OS window. Sadly, when I click the Linux (guest OS) window, it does not come to the forefront. I have to move (or close) the Mac window to get access to the Linux window.

Is this a known limitation of Unity or a known bug ?

Is there a workaround ?

Thanks for your answers.


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Hi FusionPenguin,

Thx for using Fusion!

This is a known issue, and I'm afraid there's no available workaround.

Will let you know if there's any update.

Thx a lot for your effort on this & Nice working day.

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