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Personal Use License for Fusion Player Ver 11.x vs Ver 12.x

I downloaded Fusion Player Ver 12.x and received a Personal Use License for Fusion Player Ver 12.x. Unfortunately I need to run the Fusion Player on Mojave, which is only supported by Fusion Player Ver 11.x. So from the "my vmware" account I downloaded Ver 11.1.1 and installed it. When I tried to use the Personal Use License it was shown as invalid, which makes sense since I got it in conjunction with Ver 12.x. I'm currently running in evaluation mode, but that ends in about a week. So is there some way to request a Personal Use License for Fusion Player Ver 11.x? 

Update: I previously tried to search for "license" in the postings but did not initially find anything relevant. Now by just browsing back through them I have found a few that seem to indicate the FREE Personal Use License may ONLY be available for Ver 12.x. Can someone please confirm this?

In which case I'll either have to upgrade my MacBook to Catalina to be able to use Ver 12.x or buy a license to downgrade for Ver 11.x under Mojave.




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VMware Employee


Correct, the concept of a Player version is new and unique to v12.



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