Password Not Right for Fusion 12.1.2

After running MacKeeper on my MacBook with Catalina 10.15.7  I cannot get back in to my VM Ware Fusion 12.1.2  .

I need help getting back into my VM Ware. it looks like I do not have the correct password.

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VMware Fusion does not require passwords.

Perhaps you meant to say that Windows does not let you login?
If that's the case make sure that caps is not set (sometimes this does not match the capslock light!) - try "login as another user" and type your password as user name to make sure it does look like you expect it to look (no need to press login, this is just verifying)
Or if you have a non english keyboard, the above also helps in verifying that your keyboard layout matches.

If you have multiple keyboard layouts, you might have set it to a different layout.
For example I regularly have the issue that I cannot login because my keyboard is set as Thai whereas my password is not in Thai script.


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