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Panic with macOS vms on boot when appleGPU0 is enabled

I have seen a couple of posts that are likely the same issue but wanted to share what I'm seeing. After building a macOS VM 11.x or 12.x on macOS 12 hosts (possibly 11.x as well) the VM will panic on boot sometimes. It appears to be related to having apple GPU enabled and approving kernel extensions using the system preferences panel. macOS seems to be booting up in a different state than normal after you approve a kernel extension or do upgrades. 

Repro steps.. 

  1. Install macOS and then enable the appleGPU
  2. Install something that requires kernel extension approval. Approve the kext in the system prefs security pannel. 
  3. Reboot the VM and it will panic on boot
  4. Remove the apple GPU vmx settings and restore SVGA ones
  5. Boot the VM up 
  6. shutdown the VM 
  7. add back appleGPU0 vmx settings
  8. VM boots up happily

I had missed this issue with my automation for building macOS vms previously as I'm enabling the apple GPU only after tools and upgrades are completed. Hopefully, this issue can be addressed before the apple GPU feature is considered a release quality feature. Sure does work well once the VM is all dialed in tho!! 



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