Need help, New to mac, installed vmware Fusion 8, can not find a way to install windows 10.

Hello My name is Harry Nash and I am new to mac (IMAC) but have used vmware in linux many times.

Here is my problem's

A) I installed the vmware pc2mac2015 on my windows 10 PC and in vmware I used the utility to install

windows from my PC. Using the code number from the PC entered in the mac I can not connect.

I changed to using IP address and made a connection but the server (indoors) rejected the request.

NOTE Firewall software uninstalled, and windows firewall turned off.

B) I have a fresh down windows boot installer on a usb jump drive, How can I use that to install

onto vmware new virtual machine?

I do not have a mac cd rom drive, I do have USB hard drives!

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Community Manager

With Windows 10 it might be easier to just download the .iso file from Microsoft and instal it 'normally'.

If you're going to migrate, the fastest way is with an ethernet cable plugged from the PC into the iMac.  Wireless will take forever.

If you'd rather just install Win10 normally you can do so by following the video tutorials under the Help menu.

Here's a link to the Windows 10 ISO download page (Ignore the warning about 'use the tool on Windows 7 machines' on that website):

Windows 10 ISO

Hope that is enough to get you started!

Michael Roy - PM/PMM: Fusion & Workstation
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