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Multiple Boot Camp Partition Entries

I've recently been seeing multiple Boot Camp Partition entries show up in my VM list (see picture) running Fusion 2.0.4. Any ideas on what would cause this? I have been pushing the envelope a bit on file system support by running MacFuse with ntfs-3g to give me read/write NTFS support for my Boot Camp Partition (warning: stay away from the ublio/performance mode - it corrupted some of my OS files and I'm having to do a reinstall of XP). Not sure if this would be related to the issues I'm seeing in any way. But I saw a reference to this in another post awhile ago but can't recall the link.

I also just upgraded to Leopard 10. 5.7, which I just realized has a problem with VMware Tools and the ATI Radeon HD2600 256 MB card in my iMac (2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo Extreme | 4 GB RAM). Smiley Sad I can't recall if Fusion was having the problem before this or not.

Any guidance here would be welcome. Thanks in advance!

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