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Hi There,

It's been a while that Mac OS Mojave is out, and almost all major Mac software support the Dark Mode and even Parallels support that mode months ago.

I was hopping to see this in the last update 11.1 but unfortunately it's not there yet Smiley Sad

So obviously my question is, when the Dark Mode will be supported in Fusion 11 ?

Many thanks

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It is VMware policy not to comment on future features or policies, so there is not likely going to be an official answer.

Having said that, my guess is: never.

Not that I mean that I do not expect Dark Mode to never make it to Fusion, but as it is a new feature I do not expect it to come to Fusion 11.

More likely is that it will arrive with VMware Fusion 12.



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Hope not. Fusion 11 was out the same day than Mac Os Mojave ( and the Dark Mode Feature ). And Fusion is stated to support Mojave.

I see no reason that they will push this feature to the next version. In that case that means that we need to pay 2 times the Mojave support. and that's not fair from VMWare

Let's hope that they will bring the Dark "color" next updates...