Mapping MAC keyboard and mouse to select multiple items in Windows Excel


I am using a 2.2 GHz MAC BookPro running OS X v10.5.8 with 4MG of RAM. On my Virtual Machine I have VMWare Fusion 2.0.5 running Windows XP. I am also using an Apple Aluminum Keyboard (wired).

I use Microsoft Excel 2007 a lot and need to ability to select multiple and seperate cells in a spreadsheet with the primary mouse button. I also need to select multiple and seperate tems in Windows Explorer with the Primary Mouse button. In Windows you easily use the Control key + Primary mouse button.

I searched the forum and besides Woody's post in 2007 to modify the Windows Registry, I could not find anything that would help. There was a post to de-select the "Enable MAC OS KEyboard Shortcuts" in the VMFusion Preference, but I found that did not allow me to select multiple items with the primary Mouse button and Control, ALt or Commnd Keys. I also thought about creating a mouse short cut for the primary key, but I was not allowed to add a shortcut, I could only modify the two existing mouse shortcuts that did not address the primary mouse button.

Can anyone help me here?

Thanks in advance!


P. S.

The last keyboard mapping question I have is that I like to use in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint to change words from lower case to first letter caps to all caps. I have no idea if this functionality can be mapped to a MAC keyboard but if anyone knows how, I would appreciate it.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Hi, have you tried disabling the mouse shortcuts in Fusion? You can find this in Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Mouse Shortcuts. Then uncheck both items.

This should allow you to press Control-Left Click to perform multiple selection.

Also, if you're trying to use Shift-F3 you may have to hold down the function button. It's the little Fn button on the bottom left of most keyboards. Also, remember to press Fn first, then F3.

Good luck!


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You can use default options and command-control-click to "control-click" multiple non-adjacent items in 3.0/Win7/OS10.6/Excel2007 & probably other versions, too. Careful tho--you can only tell that you've done it by highlighted row letters, not the usual more obvious way as on a native keyboard/OS. Works fine, tho....

Took me a while to track this down but it's a lot easier than lots of the other options cited across the web.

Many thanks to this person:

Posted by: Martijn | November 09, 2008 at 03:44 AM


Alternatively, you can hold the control and command keys and click to effect a ctrl-click in the guest.


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