MacOS10.14 inside MacOS10.15.7, on VMware 11.5.6: Internet has failed

I've been using this setup for some time without difficulty, and the only changes have been upgrades to 10.15.7 MacOS software, and the BitDefender app. Certainly no changes to internet access settings. 

I needed to do something on 10.14 again today for the first time in a few months, and now it will not access the internet at all. 
I've verified the network settings in the control panel, and they are correct. I can access the internet normally from 10.15.7. 

I have tried turning the firewall off, but it has no effect.

I assume some tightened security setting in 10.15.7 is causing the problem but can't find the right button to push. 
Does anyone have ay suggestions of where I might look next?


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